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Malaysian Association of Aesthetic Dentistry (MAAD)
The President’s Message for the office year of 2018

Greetings to all our members and welcome to 2018.

Dear members, the past year has indeed been very exciting as we had successfully had the annual scientific meeting and the continuing series of ”UNDER THE“

This time we had "Under the Veneer" and it was very well attended and achieved MAAD’s objective of targeting fresh dental graduates and gaps. The young dentists gained a lot and we had very positive feedback which made the effort of organising the event so meaningful to the MAAD team.

2018 is going to be even more amazing to the members as the organising team has done a wonderful job of securing very eminent speakers for the Annual Scientific meeting to be held in June.

Understanding the needs of the current Aesthetic trend we have combined the basic Aesthetic lecture on Composites and also added additional challenging topics on Implants and the Aesthetic Challenges It Presents.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you all that during the AGM this year a new committee will be formed. In short it's election year for MAAD . Members keen to contribute their ideas are urged to take up posts in the council. At the same time we now have a stronger amended constitution which will further enhance the performance of MAAD.

Have a great year ahead with MAAD.
Dr. S.C. Datta

Malaysian Association of Aesthetic Dentistry (MAAD)