Logo and Colours

The multi-coloured streaks of the logo form a stylized smile with the teeth, which symbolizes aesthetics in dentistry. The harmonious interplay of the colours, forms and proportions of the logo represents the simple and yet enigmatic nature of the human smile.

Each colour and form highlight an attribute or factor that personifies excellence in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Red signifies the interest and passion for dental aesthetics professed by the Association's members. The curved red horizontal streak marks the common interest in aesthetics shared by its members of various dental specialities. The pink vertical streak stands for the specialized materials and instruments needed in order to create pleasing smiles. Yellow depicts the proper skills and techniques necessary to bring about harmonious appearances in smiles. The green streak represents the knowledge and know-how to utilize and combine the various techniques, materials and tools to achieve the desired results. The blue streak exemplifies the willingness of the Association's members to continuously upgrade and hone their proficiency in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

The vertical soaring streaks in an upward and united direction mirrors the concerted approach towards contributing to the advancement of science and art of aesthetic dentistry.

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