Membership Categories

Ordinary Member

Ordinary Members comprise of qualified dental surgeons practising in Malaysia who:

a. Possess a dental degree and are registered with the Malaysian Dental Council

b. Demonstrate strong interest in Aesthetic Dentistry

c. Have duly paid the prescribed entrance fee and annual dues.

Ordinary Members shall have the right to:

a. Actively participate in al general meetings of the MAAD.

b. Participate in all other functions and meetings of the MAAD

c. Stand for election and hold office in the MAAD.

d. Nominate or second a candidate who wish to stand for election to the office of the MAAD

e. vote in a general meeting of the MAAD.

f. Receive all publications, notices and correspondences sent to the MAAD’s members


Associate Members


Associate members shall be those practising in the dental allied profession, who are interested in aesthetic dentistry but do not fulfil the requirements as ordinary members.  They are entitled to all the rights and privileges of Ordinary members except the right to vote or to hold office in the MAAD.


Undergraduate Members

a. Undergraduate members shall comprise of full time undergraduate or postgraduate students of a recognized institution. They are entitled to all rights and privileges of ordinary members except the right to vote or to hold office in the MAAD.

b. A university or university-college student shall not be eligible for membership without prior approval of the Vice-Chancellor of the University/College concerned.

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